Video Advertising – How to Make it Successful?

Video advertising is definitely booming. Statistics and studies prove that using videos for businesses works. According to Forrester Research, videos have 50 times more chances of making it to first page of the rankings than the traditional text posts. That’s an impressive statistic!

Video advertising is essential for businesses for a variety of reasons. First, making and posting videos online is relatively inexpensive. Second, they will stay forever, once published. In fact, they can still get a lot of views a year after the publishing date. Furthermore, social media platforms are the best places in terms of video sharing and posting. Given the right marketing and advertising strategies in creating and posting videos, endless viral opportunities are not always hard to reach.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising Tips & Tricks

  • Make the Title of the Video Count.
    Similar to a blog post’s headline, video titles must also create significant traffic. There are two main reasons why it is important to make video titles count. First, a catchy title can easily grab the attention of the viewers. Second, if there are any appropriate keywords used in the title, there are chances that they will show up as results of a particular topic on search engines. YouTube is owned by Google, so there’s always a connection between videos and making searches.
  • Provide Valuable Video Contents.
    Think of an ideal video content for the target audience. What makes it valuable for them? What can it teach them? Making “how-to” and instructional video is always successful not only because of the video’s great value but also because of its ability to showcase the knowledge and skill of a particular company or brand. This is an essential factor in positioning one’s brand as an industry expert and ensuring that it continuously grows. In making valuable video contents, try to make them short as possible. Videos with excellent but lengthy contents may lose the attention of the viewers.
  • Include the URL in the Video.
    Capitalize on various editing features of particular software when editing videos. Try adding text boxes to the video. This is where to put the website address and other information to gain exposure.
  • Capitalize on Branding Opportunities That the Video Brings.
    In video advertising, branding is important to be established. Make sure that the logo is prominently seen on any part of the screen. It can be done during key times or even at all times throughout the duration of the video.
  • Don’t Forget to Attach an HTML Link.
    When posting a video on YouTube, users have the option to provide a brief description about it. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide links that your viewers can visit.
  • Don’t Solely Rely on YouTube.
    Most people use YouTube to post videos. Don’t depend on YouTube’s power alone and embed the video to other websites instead. This way, video advertising and target audience will increase because more people will spend time in viewing the video on different platforms.
  • Engage Viewers to Take Some Action After Watching the Video.
    Include newsletter sign-ups and ask them to fill it out. Redirect them to a particular website or make sure that they leave comments about the video. Viewers will always be engaged especially if the video contains quality contents so take this opportunity to capitalize on their full attention.
  • Never Pitch-in Sales.
    The web is already cluttered by sales, so make sure not to be associated with this. Even if it entails selling, get away with the focus to sell a particular product or service. Instead, use the video to discuss solutions, define specific problems and support other claims. Video advertising will attract more customers and viewers if the right kind of approach is applied.
  • Learn the Basics of Keyword Strategies.
    In creating videos, it is essential to pay attention to the basics of keyword strategies. To optimize video advertising, make use of keywords by including them in video titles, tags and descriptions.
  • Educate the Viewers.
    Inform people more about the product and/or service. Enumerate the benefits and features that they will get upon making a purchase.
  • Answer Their Questions.
    What particular questions do viewers ask about a specific product or service? Think of at least 5 or more questions that people will about to ask. Insert a two-minute video clip stating these questions and the answers. This is an extremely valuable step to attract prospective clients.
  • Work on Product Reviews.
    Select a particular product or service that would target the audience’s interest and review its features and benefits.
  • Grow and Enhance Connections.
    Every business needs to have a set of prospective clients. Create a video that will encourage them to give their names and email addresses in exchange of something that is given to them. Giveaways for clients could be in the form of e-books, articles (particularly strategies, how-tos and tips), free consultation, tutorial videos, business assessment and etc. Identify what’s valuable for the prospects and give something out of that. In giving away stuff, it’s important to never hold back. Just always give what’s best to the client.
  • Discuss About the Case Studies as well as the Results.
    Create a video that tells about a particular case study and the results achieved while and after working with clients. Another example is to read customer testimonials about how satisfied he is for that product.
  • Make Viewers Hear a Story.
    People can always relate to a compelling and inspiring story. Mention a lesson that they will get from that story. Recall a particular event happened in the past that shaped the business into what it is today.
  • Expose the Truth Behind Myths.
    Determine the myths circulating in the business and show real examples to prove that those myths are true fallacies.
  • Show Things Behind the Scenes.
    Take the viewers out of the office setting and show another side of a “more natural” surrounding. Show meaningful things like members of the family as inspirations if appropriate. Reveal the not-so-top business secrets like how things get organized inside the business, what setup works to get the job done and etc. Using video advertising, don’t hesitate to open the curtains for viewers and give them advice on how to do business.