Self-awakening; 4 Steps to become self aware

Self- awakening can be termed as a spiritual awakening. With the advent of 21st century, people have started to become more like robots not doing something for themselves. Wake up at 7, work till late night and follow the same routine. Most people among us are doing the same thing. They are more or less working like a donkey that is carrying the load on his back. They have lost themselves somewhere along the journey through life. But now it’s time for the people to open their hearts and mind and allow themselves to grow. They need to realize that time has come to live their own dreams, a feel of self-actualization. You have that passion and freedom to live for yourself. Now you don’t have to feel what people or media around you are going to say.

1.      Believe in yourself

You need to concentrate on yourself give time to your life. It’s time to leave tension and live for yourself, for your soul. Knowing about your inner thoughts and emotions and balancing them with the world around you are the power behind the self-awakening. Knowing about inner feeling will give you a new life.

2.      Think Positively

Thinking positively is going to change the world around you in a manner that you have not thought. Negative thoughts will block the way of positive thoughts which are essential for self-awakening. You now know that it is useless to worry about how to do things and stuff, and to just dive right in to do right and let creativity take over your daily dull thoughts is the best way to nourish yourself and your soul.

3.      Think Openly

An open mind lets new ideas and solutions show you things you never dreamed possible before. Once you get your heart and feelings in proper harmony then it’s time for you to be creative. You know that it is useless to worry about how to do things now creativity takes over your thoughts. Your mind begins to open. Life and all its tastes like new adventures new people and all the people that come to your way will give you some new energizing tastes. You will feel the air around you smell the flowers that blossom you feel the rain, in short, you start to live life. Life starts to change. Awakening gives you a fresh taste. Just concentrate on yourself and you will feel the changes around you. Hence we will have a life without tension.

4.      Self-awakening provides inner-peace

Self-awakening is a way to feed your soul. You will start to have inner peace. Before learning how to awaken the Self and your soul, most people have no clue about what motivates them to do right for themselves. This leads to blockages, other difficulties in life. Understanding the awakening of Self is a feeling of being a complete person with a complete soul. No longer do you long for what other people have or think about you. You are happy and satisfied to be doing exactly what you are doing. self-awakening is an important thing for you.


What tips & tactics do you use to become self-aware? Feel free to comments below, I would love to read and use them my way. And course don’t forget to share this post with friends.

Thanks for being awesome.