Sam Broad is a fine young man. A perfectionist who doesn’t believe in lacking. His stand-up personality and the strong character gets him recognition anywhere he goes. An optimistic and cheering yet a bit quite personality.

This novelette circles around the main events in Sam’s life. Sam, who has seen the dark side if life since his father passed away in his very childhood, is very organized and settled now. He knows what suffering and “going through hell” means.  He was a compelled and cold person now who is usually called as emotionless by friends. The only thing that mattered in his heart was his mom but all that changed.

It all started when he got admission in Stanford University and met with a girl there; Katherine Swift. An elegant personality whose impacting personality caught Sam’s attention. Not much time has passed when they got personal in an interview during a campaign and later in the matter of events, they were sitting in a café for a coffee; the first date. That was the night that changed all the everything that mattered. It changed Sam, and all of his priorities as Kate confessed she has deeply fallen in love with him and kissed him crying. Although Sam had no reputation like this but still, he affectionately wanted that to happen and since that moment, Kate became his life afterward.

Time passed by and soon their relationship was known all over by people as Sam was kind of a celebrity at the University. And it was true that Sam treated her with great affection and love was visible in all of his deeds. Both experienced the purest and sincere form of love in that period. It was 3 years later when Kate invited Sam to dinner with his family. They were moving forward and both wanted to introduce each other to their families. The dinner went very well and Sam was hugely liked by Kate’s parents. Sam was the case with Sam’s Mom, the all the family Sam had. Kate had a sleek personality and Sam’s mom was delighted to see Sam in a relationship. It was the Sam day when Sam shared some of his dark moments of the past with Kate and that conversation eventually led them to be physical with each other. They made love for the most delightful period of time in their lives and eventually bonded.

Things went wrong after that for them. Sam was not seen for almost two weeks as his mother was in her sickbed who died after 14 days. He remained out of touch with Kate. This stimulated negative thoughts in Kate’s mind which were enhanced by Daniel – their colleague. He saw his own opportunity with Kate and went with it. When Sam returned, he was heartbroken and he couldn’t believe the fact that it took just two weeks to put years of love in ignorance. Kate even didn’t bother to ask him any reason as her mind was completely brainwashed.

Sam was completely broke. He had lost his love, and his mother and in the meantime, also his business as he was bankrupt due to his emotional state. But thanks to his friend, John who helped him a lot to gather his strength once again. He started a business with him and also a job to get into the circle of life once again but ALAS! The bad period had started for Sam as all his efforts had gone in vain as such events took place that cost him both his job and business and also his best friend John.

After gathering some motivation again, he took the final step. He sold his house and started the business with that money. It didn’t take him much long to get up on his steps once again strongly.

On the other hand, Kate’s condition was pitiful. She was married to Daniel who was a psychopath and treated her like a piece of flesh. One stormy night she left him with a baby in her womb and met with Sam on the road who helped him a lot that time. Kate was obliged to call him again and begged him for a meeting. Sam eventually agreed and met with Kate but that meeting was a shocker. In short, Sam left Kate in pain as she deserved that and later, he was married to Gwen – one of her colleagues in the factory where he did his job. Sam’s life became great again and Kate, there is a permanent bleeding scar on Kate’s heart now.