How build emotional intelligence through social awareness?

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is a key to developing the ability to understand as well as respond to the basic needs of the other people. It also helps you to improve your skills which will ultimately lead you to gain the respect of other people. Now if you are capable of understanding the feelings of other people then you are considered as emotionally intelligent person. On the other hand, if you donโ€™t get something right, you are considered the most uncaring and seen as a villain of the story. So, all in all getting it right is necessary for success.

How Emotional Intelligence and Social Awareness are related?

As discussed earlier social awareness if understanding the feelings of others, and as a result responding to their needs. Letโ€™s discuss some examples here. For example, you are at a restaurant, if a waiter suggests something better from what is given on the menu, he is taking care of your feelings and responding to your needs. A salesperson who goes an extra mile just for you, as well as a very supportive team leader is also a part of social awareness.

Now, awareness of social situations is something that makes you to carefully consider that what are the needs of the others, and then emotionally intelligence is used to communicate with them according to their needs. There are many of the great leaders of the history and present times are built on this skill. It helps them to win the hearts of the others.

Social awareness is considered a part of the nature of a person. Some people are naturally gifted with this quality, otherwise, some are not. The stats of last few years have shown that the graph of social awareness is going down now. People are becoming less caring now on. Empathy is being lifted from the world.

Building social awareness in yourself

First of all, you need to know the way of effective listening. If you are no good in listening to the problems of others, you would never know what they want? and what they want to convey? Number 2 is that pay consideration to relations with the other people, you should always know that what they do, what they say? And more importantly how they say it? Use the online tutorials to improve your understanding and listening skills.

You should be able to know that how a person is feeling and what is his emotional state? After listening to their problem, just notice how they react to your reaction. And also note their external events like how they react when someone greets them or ask them to do something for them.

Also take care of your own feelings. You should also be able to react cool mindedly intense situations. You should be able to think over the situation so that you can respond to the situation emotionally well, making no mistake. So social awareness does develop your emotional intelligence skills. People who are aware socially are intelligent in solving the problem.


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