The concept of email marketing isn’t new. In the first stages of the Internet’s creation, emails have been used to advertise a product or service. But what is email marketing in the business world that produces various marketing schemes in just a few weeks?

It is evident that social media has taken over the role of emails in the dissemination of information. Users can catapult a person or a group of individuals, business, video, picture or any other form of content into instant Internet fame. When content becomes virtually famous owing to social media users, they became the so-called viral content.

Businesses tap the ability of social media users for their marketing campaigns. Some don’t aspire to become viral but simply to establish good relationship with existing customers and to reach out to more prospects. Its edge over emails is that social media is by far, a quick way to spread information.

Email Marketing for Beginners

What is Email Marketing Exactly?

Email marketing is a form of Internet marketing technique. Distribution of flyers is likely the counterpart of email marketing in traditional advertising strategies. A business sends out flyers when it wants to announce something such as discounts, promos, opening of another branch and so on. Sometimes, flyers are distributed featuring the products or services of a business. It works just like a reminder.

The aforementioned purposes of sending flyers are also similar to the purposes of sending out emails for marketing. The only difference between the two advertising strategies is that flyers are handed to prospects personally while emails don’t require handing it to prospects on a personal level.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Experienced marketing strategists don’t ask “what is email marketing” in a berating tone. They know that even though social media marketing is a good branding and advertising technique, email marketing still has advantages.

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to promote. Creating an email account is free. However, some businesses go as far as customizing their own email addresses. This is one way to further establish their brands. Customizing their email addresses entails additional costs but the costs for email marketing remains relatively low compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Another edge of email marketing is its user-friendliness. There is a wide array of information available online covering ways to create an effective email marketing campaign. Entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses can conceive, develop and carry out the marketing campaign on their own.

Just like any other online marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns can reach out to prospects all around the world. In addition to the pool of customers available for all online advertisers, email marketing is also a way for them to provide customer service for their existing customer base.

Steps in Creating an Email Marketing Campaign

Aside from the question what is email marketing, another question that every marketing strategist should be able to answer is how to carry out this marketing strategy. While this may seem easy at first, it will take a lot of familiarizing for those businesses that have been using traditional advertising excessively and exclusively for the past few years. Adjusting to the new advertising environment can be a bit daunting.

Outsourcing services is one way of assuring that the transition from exclusive use of traditional advertising strategies will go smoothly. These services mean additional costs though. On the good side, there are numerous service providers online competing for those hiring for email marketing services. The competition can make them offer their services at reduced fees.

If an advertiser cannot handle service fees, his sole option is to carry out the steps in creating an email marketing campaign on its own. The first step is to ensure that there is a quality product or service to be offered.

When the first step is carried out, the next one is to develop a marketing campaign that covers all advertising strategies that will be used in addition to email marketing. The campaign should be similar in all the platforms.

Once the marketing campaign is set, it’s now time to create a layout for the actual email. The top of the email should feature the logo, name, contact information and address of the business. The body should contain images and text. There should also be a link to the business’ website. Photography, writing and editing services may be sought for this job.

When the email is done, the next thing that the advertiser should spend time on is building a list of email addresses. Just like flyers thrown into trash bins without the recipient reading them, emails promoting a product or service may be moved by the recipient into their junk folders. The marketing campaign fails when the intended recipients don’t even bother reading them. That is why an advertiser should not just send emails randomly.

A legitimate way of building a list of email addresses is by asking visitors to sign up in the advertiser’s website. Visitors may opt to provide their email addresses in exchange of accessing the website and information that the website provides. However, this one will take time, especially if the website is relatively new. The website also needs content to generate traffic.

What is an email marketing campaign?

The answer to the question what is an email marketing campaign is simple. There has to be an advertiser, list of actual customers and prospects, and a convincing email. A convincing email features a catchy subject. The subject is one of the things that the recipients notice first. The email’s subject should sum up what the email is all about. However, it should be catchy enough so that the recipients will open and read the email. The email should elaborate the subject and the recipients should gain something from that.

An email marketing campaign follows a certain schedule as well. There needs a proper timing to avoid the recipients moving the emails into the junk folders without reading them.

What is email marketing is a question worth answering for every business owner. It is inexpensive and effective way of exchanging between the business and the customers.