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19 10, 2016

The 10 Most Common Mistakes That WordPress Developers Make

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We are only human, and one of the traits of being a human is that we make mistakes. On the other hand, we are also self-correcting, meaning we tend to learn from our mistakes and hopefully are thereby able to avoid making the same ones twice. A lot of the mistakes I have made in the WordPress realm originate from trying to save time when implementing solutions. However, these would typically rear their heads down the road when issues would crop up as a result of this approach. Making mistakes is inevitable. However, learning from other people’s oversights (and your own of course!) is a road you should proactively take. Engineers look like superheroes, but we’re still human. Learn from [...]

1 10, 2016

4 Strategies to relieve stress

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4 Strategies to relieve stress Stress is a physical reaction, too much of it will lead you to a headache, high blood pressure, disrupted sleep and can make one frail and unconsciousness. Now a day’s humans are continuously   building it up because of their hectic routine that they don’t have leisure time to do something amazing to relieve stress. Stress does a number on our mind and body draining our immune system. People who experienced a lot of stress have 43 percent increase risk of dying. Life is full of ups and downs so no matter how stressful life seems, there are various steps a person can take to relieve the pressure and regain control. 1: Deep Breath Spending time [...]

1 09, 2016

6 Hacks of Productively, Managing the Time Perfectly

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6 Hacks of Productively, Managing the Time Perfectly Time managing skill is one of the vital skills in the life of a human being. Professionally, it is highly required by the authorities that their workers do everything in the allotted time span. Other than that, it is also very important in the life of a student. Just imagine you are a college student and you do not attend your classes on time, there are very fewer chances that you are going to pass the semester. So time is a very crucial thing, and nowadays with all these social media apps and android phones time wasting is a kind of a habit. Let’s take a look at some steps to manage [...]

27 08, 2016

6 Steps to Mastering your Emotions

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6 Steps to Mastering your Emotions Emotions play a very vital role in the life of a person. It goes without saying that, life is incomplete without emotions. With the different things happening in the life of a person, emotions change accordingly. Emotions are actually the feelings that a person gets when something happens in his life. Something bad happens, he must be sad then. Something good happens, it brings happiness. So, it’s a part of life. But these emotions can be difficult to handle at some situations, because of which problems may arise. So, mastering your emotions may save you from a number of problems. So, if you want a master of your emotions, it means you should have [...]

12 08, 2016

Usability for Conversion: Stop Using Fads, Start Using Data

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When it comes to creating and designing a product, we are looking for the best solution to ensure we meet our goal. Ultimately, our goal will always be to convince the customer to buy our product or use our service; i.e., for converting leads into sales. But what can we do to ensure the highest conversion rate (i.e., of leads to sales) possible? When we look around for ways to understand what works with conversion and what doesn’t, we may encounter several fads or trends that presumptuously claim to know exactly what we need to do; things like changing a button to a particular color, using a particular picture or icon, or employing a certain layout. However, there is no one size [...]

12 08, 2016

What to Expect From Proximity Marketing

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Proximity Marketing Today’s constantly connected consumers are using smartphones in-store more than ever. A recent Google survey states that a staggering 80 percent of shoppers are using smartphones to make purchasing decisions. Retailers and start-ups have taken notice, and the concepts of mobile location analytics and proximity marketing are emerging out of that. Publications like Techcrunch and Adweek have articles of retailers launching Bluetooth beacon pilot programs almost on a daily basis. Some recent examples include Target, Country Market and Urban Outfitters. But when you clear away all the buzzwords, what exactly is this shift we’re seeing? It’s the world customizing itself to you. The world is reacting to your presence, specific to you as an individual. Proximity marketing is an [...]