7 Steps to Become Leader  by Managing Team

Leadership and management are commonly considered as same and synonym of each other. Well, it is essential to understand the fact that leadership is actually an important part of an effective management ability. As leadership is considered as the crucial component of management, it provides a very effective environment for other employees to excel as well take the organizations to the next level. Leadership is basically a definition of leading a group and its efforts towards the accomplishments of greater goals. So, a manager must have the characteristics of an effective leader to excel. Organization always prefers a profound manager with competitive leadership qualities. Let’s take a look at some differences between leadership and management as well as their relations with each other.

·         Leadership and Management

1.      Managers are the ones who lay down the basic structure of a project and gives leaders a way to go, while the leaders, after that, provide their employees a sense of direction by developing the vision of the organization and also inspiring their co-workers to achieve the goals.

2.      The management department is the who is responsible for all the planning, staffing, organizing, controlling as well as directing the task. Leadership department plays its role in the directing function of the management. Now, leaders are the who are responsible for building the relationships, the teamwork, motivation and also persuading the followers towards the goals of the organization to meet.

3.      Leaders are the ones who get their authority from their followers, they can do things which are liked by their followers while the managers enjoy their authorities just because of the status of their position in the organization. Leadership in management is very necessary for this sense. A man who is a good manager and a leader can lead by example.

4.      Leaders evaluate their man-force from their work potential while the managers measure them from their name, performances, and past record. If a leader manages this, he will be looking for both potential and past record, hence recruiting the best person for a job. Leadership in management helps in this regard as well.

5.      Managers deal with the exact things, in explanation, the science behind everything. They always see what is planned, standard and also logical. Whereas leaders see the art. So, managers and leaders are required side by, and if it comes in one person then it is considered the best package.

6.      Every organization needs a panel of managers, and that panel of managers will always be needing a leader who leads them to meet their goals. And if that leader is one of the managers, it will be very good for the organization as well as for the team.

7.      The organization which is overly managed but on the other hand are under-led might not perform up to the mark. So, leadership along with management always set a new direction for the team and is efficient for achieving the goals using the given resources. Both are necessary for each other. The over-led and under-managed team may also not perform well.


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