4 steps to come out from aggressiveness!

So, assertiveness is a productive way of dealing with problematic people, attaining your achievements, as well as solving a problem. Whether it is with a colleague or with a friend, collaborating positively and in a frank manner can easily help you to get what you want. Though, being assertive varies from being aggressive as it includes a positive and well-mannered attitude. While aggressive behavior includes speaking without thinking, insulting others, and also not attending to what others may need. So, be assertive and not aggressive to resolve all your problems by unzipping from a worrying situation, collaborating properly, and also understanding others’ view point. Some of the important ways to keep yourself assertive are discussed in the later section.

1.      Take a moment to reflect

Whenever you are going to respond to someone over a conflict, just take a deep breath and smile. By doing so you prevent yourself from aggressiveness and you just kill the anger. By taking deep breath you pass the moment of anger and hence you get the time to think what could be a possible answer to this argument in a well-mannered way. Your way of dealing with such situations also reflect your family background and your education. This is how you can escape the aggressiveness and use assertiveness.

2.      Remind yourself that your opinion matters

Reminding yourself that your opinion matter may give you a feel which can make your mood good, and hence taking the anger away. Whenever someone tells you that you are wrong and contradicts your beliefs, it is a natural feeling that may lead you to aggressiveness, it’s all about controlling yourself at that stage and reminding yourself that the other person could be wrong your opinion might be the right opinion if you express it assertively again in a well-mannered way. So, all you need is to control your thoughts at that specific time.

3.      Understand that you can’t control feelings of others

Well, it is an obvious explanation that everyone has its own opinion, you cannot do anything if someone thinks different than you. The only thing you can do is give your point of view and hope that another person may understand it. So, it is very necessary for a person to keep that in mind that he cannot control the feelings and thoughts of others. If someone not understand this fact, he will surely use the aggressive way to resolve a conflict which is highly discouraged.

4.      Reaching a Resolution

Always try to reach to a solution by resolving the issue between yourself and the other being. The best way to do this is first of all give respect to the opinions of others, after that give your point of view in a polite manner. Inquire other person’ thoughts on your point of view and then think about the solution according to the situation. This is the best way to end a dispute so that the results are productive and equal for all the parties.


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Thanks for being awesome.